Europe sucks, or Obama suckled Putin`s dick! action, Voina Art Group, 2013

Action of the Voina Art Group in Roskilde, Denmark, July 5, 2013. This is metaphorical art portrait of the international politics, a short art story about how cowardly politicians of America and Europe grovel in the dirt before Putin. "To grovel in the dirt" in Russian - "сосать хуй" (sucks dick). This is a part of the "Voina Wanted" - world-wide art action in support of political prisoners. It is a protest against repressions of artists and left activists in the whole world. Voina Wanted action, staged by the Voina Group in various public places, also tests the level of rights and freedoms of contemporary artist.
Hooliganism, vandalism, initiatives, concepts, cameraman, montage - Alexey Plutser-Sarno, Voina Group ideologist and media artist.
Idea of a dick, song, vocal, accordion - Emil Gold, Voina Group activist.Design of the "Voina Wanted

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