1966 Soviet Yak 28 crashes into Stößensee

Title is wrong, it was in fact a YAK 28(
had to laugh at 1:15)
A Soviet plane crashes into Stößensee. Apart from the pilots, no one is
hurt and a disaster is narrowly avoided on West Berlin's densely
populated Heerstrasse. A plaque on Stößensee bridge commemorates the
fighter jet crash:

"On 6 April 1966, Soviet pilots Captain Boris
Vladimirovich Kapustin and Lieutenant Yuri Nikolayevich Yanov steered
their faulty aircraft into Stößensee, losing their lives in the crash.
Thanks to their selfless act, they avoided an unforeseeable disaster in
the nearby residential area. This plaque honours the sacrifice made by
the Soviet soldiers as a symbol of humanity in the midst of the Cold

Another point of view:
On April 6th 1966 a couple of soviet Jak-28P departed at Finowfurt Airfield .

Berlin, Berlin, Germany

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