Polygamist Dad Gets 7 Life Sentences for Torturing Kids,Imprisoning Wives

February 13, 2009 MURRIETA -- A self-proclaimed Islamist polygamist, and father of 19 children, will spend his life in prison for torturing some of his children and falsely imprisoning two of his three wives.

55-year-old Mansa Musa Muhummed was sentenced today in Riverside County Superior Court to seven consecutive life sentences and about 17 years of other prison time.

Muhummed was arrested about ten years ago on charges of child endangerment, spousal abuse and false imprisonment.

After years of legal maneuvering, Muhummed finally went on trial last year. During the trial, several of his children testified that they were starved, beaten and strung up with electrical cord in the basement of their home.

Jurors also saw Muhummed sob on the stand as he testified in his own defense. Muhummed denied beating his children's knuckles and smashing their toes with a hammer.

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Murrieta, California, United States

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