Putin an "evil man," says Former Sec of State Albright

Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has incurred the wrath of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s allies after calling him a “smart but truly evil man.”

In an interview with Austrian newspaper Die Presse, Albright defended the foreign policy of Bill Clinton’s administration, in which she was Secretary of State during Clinton’s second term. The Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary were the first former Communist states to join NATO in 1999, in what would become the first step of an eastward expansion which has strongly incensed Moscow.

“I am very proud of the NATO expansion. Then we managed to use the power of Western Europe and help the Balkan states," Albright said. “The United States saw its role as an indispensable nation which should do good all over the world.”

Albright took a less positive view of Putin, whom she met during a visit to the Kremlin

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