Obama’s Cousin Odinga Clears Way to Presidency By Turning Opponents Over to International Court

Just so you know..Obama is from the Luo Tribe!! WHERE'S THE DAMN BIRTH CERTIFICATE?

In 2006 Barack Obama took a trip to Kenya on the taxpayer’s dime.
While visiting Kenya as a guest of the government Obama campaigned for socialist Raila Odinga, who claims he is Obama’s cousin.

Odinga’s opponents said Odinga was using Obama “as his stooge.”

Later Odinga was accused of starting genocide after the the death toll from tribal violence over a disputed 2007 election passed 1,000.
Now Odinga is clearing the way for an easy election win in 2012.
Two of the six — Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and former Higher Education Minister William Ruto — have held several rallies in recent weeks, including an afternoon of speeches before thousands on Monday in the town of Gatundu, a region full of Uhuru supporters…

…Uhuru — the son of the late Jo

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