Assyrian Military Commander assassinated by YPG, tells American Mesopotamian Org. (AMO)

Elyas Nasser (wounded) and David Jindo (murdered)

American Mesopotamian Organization exposes murder of Assyrian leader in Syria.
For the past several months, the American Mesopotamian Organization (AMO) has been in daily contact with the leaders of the Khabour Assyrian Council of Guardians (KACG), a local force established to protect Assyrian villages in the Khabour valley from ISIS. Speaking frequently with Elias Nasser, Fayez Korko and Dawed Antar Gindo, leaders in the KACG, AMO was informed that despite working closely with the Kurdish Yekîneyên Parastina Gel militia (YPG) in joint operations against ISIS, the YPG leadership had threatened the Assyrian Guardians with assassination, notably from chief military leaders of the YPG using the pseudo names of Heval (Comrade)? Sardar and Heval Lawand.
These threats stemmed, in part, from the Khabour Assyria

Al hasakah, Al Hasakah, Syria

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